For the first time in a long while I sat myself down to write an article. I wanted to help people who had an idea for a project but might not know how to approach a designer. I started right at the beginning of a project, focusing on how to write a good brief. A little unnerving as I haven’t written in so long, but hopefully someone will find it useful!

As well as this I have been working on:

  • Refining cat illustrations and working on web designs and colours that integrate with them.
  • Designing custom banners for a London based hair stylist
  • Designs for a vending machine wrap – a new one on me with some interesting constraints to consider
  • Quotes and email marketing

I’ve been reading Jeremy’s mind-blowing Resilient Web Design. The first chapter is really interesting even if you are not a web-person.

I’ve also been following along with Matej’s Better Web Typography email course. It’s served as a great refresher on a few things!