It’s been a busy few weeks. I’ve been to a couple of events, launched a site and been in design heaven with the cat project!

  • Breaking Borders (mini-conference in Reading). The topic was Differentiating with Design and had two fab talks, one about UX and the other about icons.
  • Web Meet Guildford – this time raising money for WWF on World Wildlife Day. So many brilliant conversations. Favourites included: opening questions you use when meeting new people (what type of biscuit are you? was a clear winner) and is university worth it for developers?
  • Cat Groomer – cannot wait to show you the cute little fluff ball I’ve been illustrating as part of their brand polish!
  • The Careflow website launched. I worked on this with DRD Design, and everyone was very pleased with the launch.
  • Began work on a website redesign for a scent company.
  • Continued work on bits and pieces, including a wrap for a vending machine, refresh for another hair extension website and email campaigns for Splatter Make.

Other bits and pieces

The Oscars kindly provided us with an example of why typography is so important in design. Check out this comparison to see what I mean.

Brilliant and thought provoking article about why hating Comic Sans is ableist. Comic Sans is something we all joke about as designers, but I remember my MA tutor talking about how well it works for dyslexic people. It hadn’t really hammered home until I read this article.