The first week back after the Christmas break is always busy, usually with lots of little jobs and setting things up for January. With nothing new to share, I thought I would run down how 2016 went for Jaz Design.

Business Development

2016 was about solidifying my position as a freelancer. It was a year spent evaluating my processes, my work and reflecting on the journey thus far. 2017 looks to build on that, make improvements based on the evaluations and get even more creative with the web.

I hadn’t set any specific goals for 2016, beyond getting enough work in to cover time off for surgery (ouch), and then being able to manage my work and time around that. Fortunately I was able to keep to this goal, and 2016 as a result was about recovery.


2017 is now about balance. Work, life, design, development, inspiration, production. All these things that feed into each other to make a great designer need balance, and that’s what I’m striving for.

I’ve given each month a theme to work on which will help work towards these goals and enable me to do more of the work I love.

January is project management, and involves answering a short list of questions at the end of each day to ensure things are running smoothly.


I’m always reading articles, books, visiting galleries, listening to podcasts and occasionally doing courses on Treehouse or The web industry is ever changing, and it is so important to keep soaking up all the new, exciting and beautiful things that are going on.

As ever I went to as many Breaking Borders events as I could (a free, and wonderful, mini-conference in Reading). I had a fantastic 3 day stint at Reasons To in Brighton, and an exciting evening in Bristol Planetarium for Hustlemania.

I went to a few stand alone talks, including Barnbrook’s look at his fantastic work with David Bowie.

I want to do even more learning this year, and have some specific learning topics and targets I’d like to hit.


I’ve been working with a variety of clients, doing a variety of things. Projects have included:

  • A six month contract for a website redesign and design support for three major sportswear distribution brands
  • Web development for a classic car hire company
  • Ongoing design support for our friends at Target OFS
  • Continued email marketing design and support for a major online retailer, a solicitor and an educator
  • On the tail end of 2015, the design, build and launch of Splatter Make and KHY websites
  • Designed documents for Alchemy Research & Consultancy
  • Web development and a touch of design for an online freight directory
  • Website build and launch for a local council services directory
  • Design and build of a production company website
  • Design and build of a website for a local services provider
  • Design support and website launch for Bunn 4 Justice
  • Website design and build for Extension Professional
  • Continued website support for an array of clients, involving design, development and content design
  • And many many more

All in all a great year, here’s hoping 2017 is even better. Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2017!