…aka why are you using the default WordPress theme?

The Problem

I have not had a live portfolio since 2008. That’s four years. What I did have was the one I had to do as part of my final university projects. I had a job right out of uni, and my skills improved quickly as a happy side effect of doing lots of work to tighter deadlines. I designed a new portfolio. By the time I got near to finishing it, I’d learnt so many new things that I decided to scrap it, and use all my wonderful new knowledge to build a better portfolio.

This has happened at least four times that I can recall. The year I did my Master’s (2010/11) I did not have time to get into this vicious circle. I was working four days a week, 9-5. I was completing a full time MA with the Tuesday taken up by going to Portsmouth (a 100 mile round trip) to check in with peers and tutors, and then evenings and weekends with the actual project work. Any spare time I got was spent sleeping.

The Solution?

This year, I am yet again, redesigning my portfolio. I am yet again, scared it will never get to be nestled snugly in its own little corner of the internet. The only solution I can think of is to get something, ANYTHING, online so that people can still at least see my work, find out more about me and what I do.

The absolutely beautiful, responsive, all singing, all dancing, will hopefully one day get to be on the internet. In the meantime, I am using the default WordPress theme, customised slightly.

I know I am not the only one who has this perfectionist-knowledge cycle problem. People that I spoke to at last year’s FOWD, on Twitter and fellow students shared in my frustration. I’m hoping that because I’ll have something up, it will allow me some peace of mind in order to finish up working on my own templates. In the very least I won’t be the web designer with no online portfolio any more!