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CSS Tips: Letter Spacing

I recently had a project that required some specific tuning to the tracking of the text – particularly with the headings and on display text. Browsers have come a long way in their capabilities, and now we have the letter-spacing property. This controls the tracking of the letters and allows you to get extra creative with […]

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Mini Review: On Web Typography

Santa Maria covers topics such as choosing the right typeface, pairing, and responsive design in an engaging and informative way. The book includes an in depth set of resources for further investigation, and an interesting discussion of problems with vertical rhythm on the web. A concise overview, On Web Typography is a handy addition to […]

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Comic Sans in the Wild

Comic Sans is a font with a well known stigma, and yet it gets used everywhere – sometimes even by professional designers.

As part of my project, and out of my own curiosity, I’ve decided to document Comic Sans.

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Drawar Comic Sans Challenge

Drawar were looking for challenge themes (one for every day of December). My curiosity about Comic Sans overriding all else at the moment led me to suggest none other than Comic Sans. Scrivs took this idea and created a brief.

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The BBC and Comic Sans

It’s safe to say that most designers know that Comic Sans is a no-no except in extremely relevant circumstances (and according to this article, it works well for dyslexic children). This article explains why, and includes some relevant notes for my major project. It would be impossible to do a project like this without mentioning […]

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BBC Article – Do Typefaces Really Matter?

I must admit, this coupled with the Comic Sans article surprises me. The BBC website is aimed at, well, just about everyone really, and here they are discussing something which initially I supposed to only consciously matter to designers. It gives an informed summation of the issues with typography. It argues both sides, but the […]

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