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Flash Button Recreated in CSS

Shortly before I left 3wise, I began work on converting Flash animations to CSS. Due to project constraints I only finished one myself. I’m sharing it in case it helps anyone. The CSS isn’t perfect, but there’s stuff in there you can pick apart for your own use.

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Link Love: Design & Web Blogs You Should Read

Something I didn’t learn whilst at university was the importance of being a part of the design community. Reading and commenting on blogs, browsing galleries, doing tutorials – unfortunately for me I missed out on this, until I graduated. I don’t remember quite how I discovered the rich world of design online, I’m just happy […]

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Future of Web Design 2007

[This is a repost from my older, defunct blog] This Wednesday Ed and I attended the Future of Web Design conference in Kensington, Londinium. I’d never been to anything like this before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I found the experience really enjoyable, it was really interesting to be with so many people interested in […]

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