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The BBC and Comic Sans

It’s safe to say that most designers know that Comic Sans is a no-no except in extremely relevant circumstances (and according to this article, it works well for dyslexic children). This article explains why, and includes some relevant notes for my major project. It would be impossible to do a project like this without mentioning […]

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My Research Question

Yesterday we had to talk about where we were up to with our research questions. Here are my garbled notes which I intend to shoe-horn into a presentation with full backing of well researched references.

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BBC Article – Do Typefaces Really Matter?

I must admit, this coupled with the Comic Sans article surprises me. The BBC website is aimed at, well, just about everyone really, and here they are discussing something which initially I supposed to only consciously matter to designers. It gives an informed summation of the issues with typography. It argues both sides, but the […]

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Visual Research – Looking at Type

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about typography, it’s history, it’s meanings etc and felt it was time to really look at some typography. Whilst I was on holiday in the South of France this year I took a few photographs of typography I saw whilst out and about. I’m going to look at […]

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History of Typography

(Could potentially design a timeline for the proposal? Shows background-grounding. Just a thought) As I’m going to be looking at typography and it’s meanings, I felt it important to have an understanding of where typography came from, and why we have the letter system we do today. What do other countries have? Why do our […]

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My Major Plan for my Major Project

Edit (22/04/12) My original plan for my major project. Left here in case the references are useful to anyone looking into type & typography. I suspect this will get updated as I start to delve in. Things will get crossed off, written in proper English, removing the word “stuff” etc.

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