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Working With Surrey Vegan

Working with vegan brands is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time, and fortunately this year an opportunity popped up that I couldn’t resist. Surrey Vegan arrange a fair each year that involves stalls, food, talks and community. Last year saw hundreds of visitors, and it’s been a great way for the local […]

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Jaz Design Homepage Realigned

I’ve wanted to do a full redesign for a while now, but time and wanting to make things to actually fill the site with have prevented me. I settled for a realign, which I already want to throw out and start again. Ah the life of a designer!

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Pubhack 2

Pubhack is a “10 hour web hackathon based in the pub”. I was the lucky one who won a ticket via their Twitter competition. Pubhack announce their brief on the day, and then you have ten hours to produce something to share with the entire pub at the end of it. This is not for […]

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Moleskine Notebook Love

Customised Moleskine notebook

I love Moleskine notebooks. This is probably not a surprise. They’re a stereotypical designer’s tool, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking well made, beautiful things.

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Web Expo Guildford 2013

Yesterday I attended Kyan’s Web Expo Guildford. I missed last years, but had resolved to go to this one after seeing the fantastic variety of speakers they’d had.

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My Cobbler’s Shoes Continued

Today I found some time to do some updates to Jaz Design. They were mostly small changes, but I’m already happier with the differences. I’ve been doing other things in the background over the last few months as well, including the addition of Cantor Hindson to my portfolio. Work-wise, I’ve been ramping up my knowledge of responsive […]

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The Trouble with Designing for Yourself

…aka why are you using the default WordPress theme? The Problem I have not had a live portfolio since 2008. That’s four years. What I did have was the one I had to do as part of my final university projects. I had a job right out of uni, and my skills improved quickly as […]

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Drawar Comic Sans Challenge

Drawar were looking for challenge themes (one for every day of December). My curiosity about Comic Sans overriding all else at the moment led me to suggest none other than Comic Sans. Scrivs took this idea and created a brief.

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My Research Question

Yesterday we had to talk about where we were up to with our research questions. Here are my garbled notes which I intend to shoe-horn into a presentation with full backing of well researched references.

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Visual Research – Looking at Type

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about typography, it’s history, it’s meanings etc and felt it was time to really look at some typography. Whilst I was on holiday in the South of France this year I took a few photographs of typography I saw whilst out and about. I’m going to look at […]

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History of Typography

(Could potentially design a timeline for the proposal? Shows background-grounding. Just a thought) As I’m going to be looking at typography and it’s meanings, I felt it important to have an understanding of where typography came from, and why we have the letter system we do today. What do other countries have? Why do our […]

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My Major Plan for my Major Project

Edit (22/04/12) My original plan for my major project. Left here in case the references are useful to anyone looking into type & typography. I suspect this will get updated as I start to delve in. Things will get crossed off, written in proper English, removing the word “stuff” etc.

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