Spark for the Fire is an excellent little book. It’s one that gives you permission to dare to do all the things you think about doing. It celebrates curiosity, the ridiculous, imagination, and play. It has anecdotes and ideas from lots of different kinds of people. Spark is perfect if you’re feeling a little burnt out, or just need some inspiration. Wharton has put this all together very well, and I enjoyed reading it. So much so that I’ve read it twice. It’s one of those books that hangs around my desk for when I’m procrastinating.

Spark for the Fire by Ian Wharton

I had this idea the first time I read it that involved a blow torch. It’s clichéd, and is an obvious response to the title, but I thought I’d do it anyway. For funsies. In the spirit of “being messy”. And because blow torches and setting fire to stuff is awesome! (Ian I promise I love the book).

Direct link to the video

Obligatory don’t-set-everything-on-fire: if you’re burning books be aware that the paper/cover may be coated with some toxic chemicals. Do your burning OUTSIDE with a big thing of water nearby. Preferably involve a second person. Be aware that even if you’re outside, breathing in the smoke is bad for you! I set fire to some dolls (noticing a pattern here) for my A-level art project and ended up quite sick from the fumes. And that was outside. So, burn books responsibly.

The blow torch I used was one of those little kitchen ones. I really could have used a second person, and I think this would have been a lot more effective in the dark. It was windy. It’s rough, it’s not 100% what I had in mind, but I made myself laugh so… 😛

It also started to be on fire rather excessively sooner than my test one did (the back cover) so the video is shorter than I wanted. I cut the cover off the book to do this, and then taped it back together at the end.