NB: This is a later posting of something I found half written in my Dropbox! You can find out more about the conferences at their links.

Conferences are a great way to learn, get inspired, and meet new people. Last week I attended two, Reasons To and dConstruct. Reasons is centred around creative inspiration, and dConstruct is a conceptual, technology-angled look at where we are today. Both were in Brighton, which meant much delicious food and cool social locations.

Group shot ;) by marc thiele

Photograph by marc thiele


Reasons was a 3 day, 3 track conference showcasing designers/developers/videographers/rainbow-experts/others and their work. This kind of thing is great for generating new ideas, feeling inspired and learning from other people’s journeys.

I won’t talk about it all as I’m sure others have done really detailed writeups, but I just wanted to mention a few of my favourites.

  • Frederik Vanhoutte – I learnt everything I ever wanted to know about rainbow! Brilliant stuff.
  • Lizzie Cullen – Gorgeous illustrations and interesting projects.
  • Gavin Strange – creative energy thunderbolt of awesome
  • Elevator Pitches – I loved these, 3 minute pieces by 20 or so people.


dConstruct nails photo by Jeremy Keith

Photo by Jeremy Keith

I won my ticket for dConstruct from the lovely SiteGround folks. Next year I will be going off my own back, what a brain meltingly awesome experience!

dConstruct is a varied mix of talks, focussed around a theme (in this case “living in the network”) which can be anything from giant waterslides to internet privacy to magic mirrors.

It’s the kind of stuff that really makes you think, wakes you up a bit, and invites you to start conversations.