cover-favourite-clientBy Mike Monteiro | Available at A Book Apart

Often clients come to me with troubling stories about previous web companies. Mixtures of unmet expectations, poor communication and misunderstandings on both sides. Commissioning a web design project can be scary, confusing and frustrating, especially if you haven’t done it before or have had one of the poor experiences mentioned.

This book is geared towards the client, and if I could have every client read it, I would. A design project is never just a case of handing a brief to a designer, twiddling your thumbs for 6 weeks, and receiving something back at the end. It’s iterative, and requires frequent communication, feedback and input to be successful. Monteiro’s book shines a light on the process, gives you ideas on what to look for, how to find good designers and much more. It even has solutions for when things go wrong.

You can buy the ebook version for just $11, so why not check it out as part of your next project? There are often vouchers and special offers, so keep an eye on the A Book Apart social media too.