I spent my Friday listening to a diverse range of talks in the beautiful LSO St Luke’s, London. I opted not to take notes, and just let it all sink in. Here’s a quick rundown of what I saw.

Harry Roberts talked about the different ways you can manage CSS when designing for themed, white labelled or user customisable sites. Each option had it’s good and bad points, and included interesting solutions to complicated problems. You can view Harry’s slides here.

Stefanie Posavec showed some of her stunning data projects, and explained the difference between an infographic and a poster. Stefanie’s work often escapes the screen/page into the “real” world. Examples include her Facebook “Relationship Dance Steps” and air pollution data necklace. I loved that she often works in pencil, and has a hands on approach to the data.

James Hall took us on a terrifying journey of security holes in just about everything. The conclusion of this talk was that we were all f*****, but that there were some small and easy things we can do to reduce the risk. Suggestions included using VPNs, not allowing external sites to put your site into a frame, and SSL.

Anna Dahlström talked about how we use devices, the implications of multiple devices, the app markets and the growing use of voice search. There were a few times in January where I had to rely on Siri, so the frustrations outlined in this talk resonated with me! Anna’s slides are available here, and well worth a look.

Andrew Clarke entertained us with an ape mask, gave a passionate talk about advertising and then made a strong case for a lack of creativity in our industry. There’s a lot being said at the moment about web design becoming a parody of itself (you only have to look at gallery sites to see it), and as Andrew discussed, this search for a perfect formula seems to be boxing us into a corner. Also big thumbs up for all the PG Tips references, it is the best tea.

Elliot Jay Stocks closed the day by talking about side projects and his love for his work. A lovely inspiration piece to end on. Check out Elliot and Samantha’s stunning magazine, Lagom.

An enjoyable and informative day 🙂