I’ve wanted to do a full redesign for a while now, but time and wanting to make things to actually fill the site with have prevented me. I settled for a realign, which I already want to throw out and start again. Ah the life of a designer!

I did in essence throw out the code of the old theme, but it was something I started 6 months ago. I was torn between continuing it as is, or starting from scratch. Continuing won, simply because the other things in my list seemed more important.

I’m in the process of working a rebrand, and once the new logo and visual styles are worked out there will be something a bit different from the website itself. This is going to happen in stages, so I wanted to do something in the interim about the things bothering me.

I have a separate list of ongoing tweaks I want to make to this realigned theme, but for now I thought I’d share the goals I had with the realign.

My Fix List

  • Problems with the menu at certain widths
  • Using jQuery for one thing – smooth scroll. Possible with some independent JS.
    Changed my mind about how the small screen menu would work. Using responsive nav for jQuery free awesomeness.
  • Menu isn’t multi-level capable
    It is now!
  • Double menu issue on small screens
    I was repeating the menu before, and hiding the second one (bad). No longer an issue with the single menu solution.
  • Logo butterfly is too big on some screens
    Revamped the whole header to be less obtrusive.
  • Homepage layout isn’t user focussed – needs a list of services with a better representation of folio work
    I think it’s clearer what I do. I am still agonising over the copy, sometimes it’s hard to know what to say!
  • Fonts
    Using some webfonts. Not 100% sure I’m happy, am using them and seeing how I feel in a few weeks.
  • BG graphic has an enormous filesize and isn’t visible on most screens
    Naughty me. I have sorted out the filesize (the optimiser I use) but left the contrast as is. I might revisit this. It’s something I’d rather play with in Photoshop.
  • Homepage thumbnails don’t really show the work off well enough
    Still something I’m mulling over.
  • Blog has too much focus – obvious it isn’t updated very often
    I have two solutions to this. Actually updating the blog, and keeping the focus on the latest article.
  • It’s lacking in the grunge that I enjoy
    Internal templates are now on black/greys too. Unsure how this will affect readability, although some say this way is better. Am also concerned that it doesn’t seem “professional” enough, but it’s more “me” so going with it.
  • Link underline hover colour makes no sense
  • Cleaner code
    Getting there. Needs some more TLC.
  • Out of date photographs
    There’s a newer photo of my noggin. Sadly lacking in pink hair these days!
  • Icons are icon fonts
    Turns out there are a few devices and browsers out there not supporting icon fonts.
  • Lots of read more links
    This is still the case on the blog, but have tried to reduce it on the homepage.
  • Line-heights on some headings
  • The text in “About Jaz Design” and “About Jaz”—too jargon-y and not personal enough
    Not yet resolved. Still working on copy.
  • Portfolio lacks up to date work
    To be added now the new theme is up!
  • Image styling within content
    Hopefully resolved. Need to test with real content.
  • Grid is too restrictive, although the padding system works well
    Sort of changed. Will be much freer with the next design I think.
  • Blockquote styles need work
    Neater now. Want to do something more designed.
  • The image attachment page is broken
    Not so any more!
  • Possible lightboxing on images?
    Using Jetpack. Has some interesting features. Less happy about the lightbox on mobile devices so we’ll see. Also noticed it is very JS heavy.
  • WP template hierarchy is a bit squiffy
    Not any more.
  • On mobile border on items isn’t strong enough