Pubhack is a “10 hour web hackathon based in the pub”. I was the lucky one who won a ticket via their Twitter competition.

Pubhack announce their brief on the day, and then you have ten hours to produce something to share with the entire pub at the end of it. This is not for the faint of heart! There are some shiny trophies and a lot of respect at stake.

Pubhack 2’s theme was first world problems!

The quality of work produced was outstanding. Some teams produced things I didn’t think would be possible in just a day, such as a flappy bird tie-in where you physically flap. There were games, websites, whole interactive pieces, t-shirts, the works!

I’ve been working by myself for 6 months so it was lovely to be able to spend the day amongst my peers, and to team up to take on a brief. Developer Shane was keen to work with a designer, so we teamed up and made a concept for Ca’tain Punch.

Ca'tain Punch

Ca’tain Punch is a simple point and click (or press) game starring an awesome little cat in a cape who punches silly people. We found a list of “common” first world problems and designed the levels around them. I knocked up some basic concept art based on our initial sketches, and Shane created a working prototype in Javascript.

It was a long day, stressful in some ways, but really enjoyable. I think we learnt a lot. Getting enough sleep the night before is a MUST. They do recommend you take an internet dongle or tethery thing, which I can confirm is great advice. A USB stick to transfer files quickly would have been handy too.

The Brewhouse was a lovely venue. The food was good, they brew their own beer and it was tasty (and I’m not a beer drinker). Good location as well, handy for the train station, parking and shops.

I definitely want to do more of these and am currently trying to convince some web friends to come along to the next one. I’m also thinking about doing something with the illustrations because the faces crack me up.

Thanks to Jo & Lilian for running the event, and to Shane for teaming up with me!