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Portfolio: Branding & online presence for marketing app

Services Provided

Branding, logo design, application design, web design, front end development, CMS integration
Launched in 2013


smtrac was an internal project for 3wise Solutions. The client as such was the MD.

Create an identity, design a website and user interface for an online application that allows people to track any marketing activity and generate leads.


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As 3wise is in the process of rebranding (2013) I spent time creating a consistent brand for their family of products and applied it to smtrac. I had done design work for smtrac back in 2009, so it was a case of working from that and bringing it up to date and in line with 3wise’s new branding.

This new branding is very much black/white/grey with injections of colour. Development projects tend to come under the umbrella of “blue” due to 3wise’s messaging and brand strategy.

The website was updated and streamlined, keeping the focus very much on the product whilst including an injection of vibrant colour.

The application was simplified, with a visual style more akin to a web app than it had previously. This is still an evolving part of the project.

The Team

The lead developer (Kevin Hamilton) and I took ownership of the project, collaborating on much of the “how it works” aspects. We had additional help from our development team for the build.

The website is powered by ContentWise (CMS) and uses online marketing techniques courtesy of 3wise Internet Solutions. The application is built on the ContentWise framework.