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Portfolio: Big personality website for Little Beer

Services Provided

Web design, front end development, CMS integration (Contentwise), graphic design, photography
Launched in 2012


Jim is a hobbyist with a passion for beer. He also works with beer brands in his day job. He needed a website for his side project The Little Beer Corporation.

Design a website that communicates the ethos: “Live a big life, drink a little beer”. People should be able to purchase beer via the website and sign up for a variety of services Jim is offering.


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The branding provided a great springboard for the design itself, punchy colours and a personal feel. There was a clear focus on the product pages, which included a lot of information and had to be tailored accordingly. I designed some of the content pages as well to really bring everything together. I added in some little touches via CSS3 such as the bottles chinking together when you hover over them, the spinning hand etc.

We did a photoshoot for this project, focussing on the beers but also including texture shots of ingredients used. These are used in the banners and scattered throughout the site.


The lead developer (Kevin Hamilton) was responsible for the shop integration, with additional support from the development team. The website is powered by ContentWise (CMS) and uses online marketing techniques courtesy of 3wise Internet Solutions.