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Portfolio: Glossy website for top marketing agency

Services Provided

Web design, graphic design, front end development, CMS integration (Contentwise)
Launched in 2013


CHA are a marketing agency based in London. 3wise had worked with them before on a handful of web projects, and they requested our expertise to redesign their existing website.

Having worked with brands such as Canary Wharf and Liberty Shopping, CHA required a website that showcased their gorgeous graphic design work in all its glory. The website was to be high-end and polished, providing a solid foundation for their marketing strategy.


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On their existing website, CHA’s branding included changing the colouring of the logo for different sections. I used this as a starting point and paired it with black to create a glossy yet stand-out feel.

The background provided a texture on which the content could stand out. I used hard edges for maximum contrast, and the used of diagonal elements helped break the flow and direct interest to the calls to action.

Cantor Hindson Associates animated Twitter icon

This project has some lovely little quirks, most icons use CSS animations on hover or action and this calendar detail was created entirely in CSS.

Cantor Hindson Associates blog calendar icon CSS

Within the first month of launch, the website produced leads for 4 new contracts.


The 3wise development team were responsible for the custom Portfolio back end. The website is powered by ContentWise (CMS) and uses online marketing techniques courtesy of 3wise Internet Solutions.