I wouldn’t do this for any other project and it’s making me itchy that it’s not my idea of perfect, BUT I finally have a portfolio website. I suspect if I wasn’t about to attend a few web/design events I still wouldn’t have one.

I have had a serious case of cobbler’s shoes. For the past 5 years. I’ve always had a web presence, and there has always been something here, but it has not been something I would willingly hand out on a business card.

I’d designed and half built many versions of my portfolio over the years, only for something to get in the way. By the time I got back to them I’d learnt so many new things I wanted to start all over again. It’s not that I haven’t been working on a portfolio — I have spent lots of time on my portfolio — I’ve just never finished one.

Until now.

A week ago I realised it was Web Meet Guildford tomorrow and I absolutely could not go and meet loads of lovely people without something I was willing to share. I’d thought that about the last one and not gone.

So, as well as work, freelance work, friends & family I have somehow managed to squeeze designing and building this one into the last week. Luckily for me, some bits of the one I designed last year still appealed to me. I also managed to get some of my WP code out of one from three years ago! I’m a bit sad about the ones that got so close, but never quite made it. One day I’ll put them all in a blog post and they can have their moment of glory.

The Still To Do/Tidy List

I know I’ll never really be done, but I’m so happy and relieved that I now have something to build on that I’m going to let it go.

  • Hover styles on just about everything (menu now done! 9/2, found some issues with Safari not liking transitions on some pseudos! Will investigate further when I get chance)
  • Author name needs a caps J
  • Content for footer nav – cookies/disclaimer etc
  • Form styling on the contact page
  • Revised images for all portfolio items
  • Finish migrating posts from original blog and MA blog
  • Revisit blog post comment styling
  • Add more portfolio items
  • Finish all the half written blog posts from the past 6 months and actually post them
  • Some CSS3 things I had planned
  • Er, give IE7/8 some love — sorry guys, you currently only get the “mobile first” version! Any potential employers/clients wondering, I CAN do sites for older browsers, but due to the extra time investment it’s a corner I’ve had to cut to get this launched. Will be looking into mediaquery polyfills/solutions ASAP
  • Tidy up my CSS – it got a bit frantic in the last two days
  • Some type adjustments
  • Image styling
  • Write a proper post about the design and working with responsive
  • Possibly add the option for imagery in the blog list page
  • Add about/CV/skills — about needs some work still (9/2)
  • Print styles
  • Retina images
  • Page load testing and refining
  • Reduce the size of the logo on a mobile device — 9/2 still not 100% happy with the header but it’s fine for now. The other things need sorting first.

PS: If you find anything glaringly obviously broken, please leave me a comment or give me a shout! Cheers.