Today I found some time to do some updates to Jaz Design. They were mostly small changes, but I’m already happier with the differences. I’ve been doing other things in the background over the last few months as well, including the addition of Cantor Hindson to my portfolio.

Work-wise, I’ve been ramping up my knowledge of responsive via a lot of learning-by-doing, and I can’t wait to use some of the new techniques to bring this place up to scratch. I’ve been to a couple of conferences (Altitude, Breaking Borders) and Web Meet Guildford. Got my ticket to Ampersand Conf (very excited).

I’ve upgraded the hard drive in my laptop (SSD baby! Plus a 1TB “SSHD”) which has sped things up nicely and given me more room for all my photography. I might have also bought an iPad… you know, for testing!

Personally I’ve started working on an art project looking in detail at faces, experienced the Light Show at the Hayward Gallery, been to the Harry Potter studios (it’s as awesome as it sounds) and have been to three gigs. I’m looking forward to seeing Muse again this month too.

So the updates:

  • Changed the strapline in the header. Still not happy with it, took me an hour to come up with that. Why is writing about yourself so difficult?
  • Sorted out the icons in the portfolio
  • Fundamentally changed the grid on a couple of pages because things were getting too big and it didn’t feel like things were flowing
  • Implemented WP’s image thumbnail sizing so that the images displayed are only ever the max size they need to be. Sorry retina (computer) people, I haven’t thought up a good solution for you guys yet. I need to find one to test on too
  • Redesigned the search box so it can change size without the button dropping down
  • Implemented icon fonts
  • Sorted out the footer icons and added some animation (still want to revisit this, I love fiddling with little details)
  • Threw a load of images through smushit and saved very little 🙁
  • Added a border on the home portfolio images as I noticed CHA disappearing into the background (yay for real content testing!)
  • Also added some hover/focus styling to the above (we still need more of this!)
  • Redesigned the header (not implemented yet) so it works better on mobile/tablet/titchy screens
  • Changed the colour of the line in the footer—such a small thing, but I feel miles better
  • Almost forgot—changed the selection colour. Details! (I love details, if you hadn’t noticed)

I’m still toying with turning comments off and just having contact details. There is also still plenty to do mentioned in my other cobbler’s shoes post. I’m happy to chip away at it a bit at a time, it’s all I have time for at the moment so it’ll have to do!