Something I didn’t learn whilst at university was the importance of being a part of the design community. Reading and commenting on blogs, browsing galleries, doing tutorials – unfortunately for me I missed out on this, until I graduated. I don’t remember quite how I discovered the rich world of design online, I’m just happy I did. I advise anyone and everyone to read at least one thing a day, just one thing! Stay up to date with trends (and learn when to avoid them), share and learn about new techniques, find out how things are affecting the industry – the opportunities are endless. The galleries offer inspiration and opportunities to promote your work… I don’t think it can be denied that at least having a small amount of awareness of what’s going on is important.

These are a selection of the blogs that I have stored in my Google Reader that I check in on every day. I hope you find something you like after the jump!


1st Web Designer
Does some really great features posts, a very good resource if you’re looking for web design related things.


A List Apart
A must read. Lots of theory, background, very informative articles. Something useful for everyone in the industry.



If you’re looking for inspiration, this is the place to get it. Absolutely bursting at the seams with inspiration – quality inspiration. The daily inspiration is community driven and so there is a huge variety of art, design and media at your fingertips. Also features tutorials, wallpapers and some link love.


Spoon Graphics
Chris Spooner keeps me very entertained. His posts are up to date, well written, interesting and most importantly useful. Check him out.


Colour Lovers
Colour is very important in design (how many black and white websites do you see out there? I challenge you to show me some). It’s important in art, and photography. The posts from this site are always beautiful and interesting. We could all do with a bit more colour, myself included.


Full of excellent techniques to add interactivity and sparkle to your websites.


David Airey
Someone who I was fortunate to come across whilst doing my degree. David Airey is very good at branding, there’s lots of excellent information on his site about the logo design process etc. The blog posts are well worth subscribing too – lots to think about.


Design Observer
Great for industry book advice. Great for inspiration and a different take on design.


I liked their articles about their rebrand and how they work – about the process. You won’t often find studios this honest.


General inspiration about everything you could ever think of. Gorgeous and inspirational. I love this site. Love it!


ilovedust have been an inspiration to me ever since they came to talk at our university (some of them are Portsmouth graduates too). Their work is beyond gorgeous, beyond inspired. I subscribe to their blog just to keep up to date with their work. Not to sound like a fangirl or anything.


Jason Santa Maria
A true experience designer. A creative that sometimes blogs. Truly interesting content.


Just Creative Design
Good articles about good practice within design and within the industry. Changed his font to Comic Sans for April fools


Lee Munroe
Informative posts, inspirational posts. Someone who knows what he’s doing.


Six Revisions
Quality informative posts, aimed at web developers and designers. Features some photography sometimes too. Favourite post recently is this one –


I loved her old design, and I love the new design. Her posts are pretty personal sometimes, but personally I like to read about the people behind the designs. Meagan’s design work is excellent and well worth a look.


Web Designer Wall
Another of my favourite designers in the whole world, WebDesignerWall has lots of great tutorials (including indepth details on skinning for WordPress)


Web Designer Depot
Can’t be ignored. A big melting pot of incredibly useful things and stuff for web designers, graphic designers and sometimes photographers.


Smashing Magazine
So much information, so many cool resources, some really good articles on typography.


Fuel Your Creativity
Does exactly what it says on the tin! Check out the full network, includes photography, illustration, user interface and many more!


Graduated from Portsmouth a year after me. Has this excellent Twitter-magig. Up and coming!


The Dos and Don’ts of Modern Web Design
I just like this site because sometimes I disagree and it gives me an opportunity to justify the way I work.