Feedback on my proposal was extremely positive, with a few caveats.


It’s become apparent that some live testing with existing will be extremely useful. In light of this I’m planning two surveys – one involving chocolate and enticing people to participate in a vote, and one online for once ideas have been moved on.

Who are my audience?

As yet I’m not sure. Which does lead into the next big question of do we need a neutral typeface? What is neutrality? And in relation to what?

The neutral discussion has stirred up a lot of thoughts in my head, and lead to further investigation. I think I need to look further to really discover what it means, or if it’s even possible for something to be truly neutral.

Preliminary Planning

I love to plan things, and enjoy the challenge of squeezing my 18 hours of work into my week.

The Milestones

March 1st – Prototype and Synopsis Hand In (500 words)
April 5th – Prototype and Synopsis Hand In (1000 words)
June 7th – Synopsis Hand In (2000 words)

The Final Deadline

September 13th – 10,000 word reflexive report and design resolution

My Week

Tuesday – Research and reading (due to library access)
Wednesday – Action feedback from Tuesday activities
Thursday – Reflect on action
Friday – Day off or reading and research – depending on need
Saturday/Sunday – Design AM, Reflect PM

I like to write and reflect (a LOT) as I go along so this plan is suited to my way of working.