The end of August marked five years of full time freelancing, and what a five years it has been! Here are five key things I’ve learnt whilst freelancing.

1. Working in your most effective hours makes a huge difference

I work best early in the day, and escaping the usual 9-5 has had a positive impact on my work. Having control of your own schedule is one of the biggest benefits of being a freelancer.

2. Cashflow is hard

There will be points in the year where cashflow dips, or perhaps something like Brexit has an impact. There’s no sick pay, no holiday pay. You have to make sure you plan for these as best you can. Keep some money from your golden months to cover the dips, and find ways to bring in a recurring income.

3. People will tell you you live a blessed life

Yes, they completely ignore the “cashflow is hard” point, and focus on the ability to work in your pyjamas from anywhere in the world. They’re right, though. Go through the pro list when things get tough and it will help spark things again!

4. It gets lonely

Conferences and meet ups are my way of staying in touch with the community. I also like to take on an in-house contract at least once a year to steal their biscuits get a bit of office culture.

5. Time off is important

It’s difficult when you’re the sole worker, but to do your best work you must have balance.

Bonus: Get dressed.

I find it important to get out of actual pyjamas, even if it is only into some loungewear and a nice top.

What are your key things that you’ve learnt in your career?