Drawar were looking for challenge themes (one for every day of December). My curiosity about Comic Sans overriding all else at the moment led me to suggest none other than Comic Sans. Scrivs took this idea and created a brief.

Design Brief: My client is looking for someone to design a poster that celebrates Blue Beanie Day. My client realizes the day has passed, but wants to be prepared for next year.

Feel free to use any images and other design elements at your disposal. The only stipulation is that my client needs all typography to be done in Comic Sans. They also want this poster to look as professional as possible. It might seem like a contradiction, but I have faith in you Jedi Designer.

If any other font besides Comic Sans is used they won’t even give the poster a second glance.

Excellent. I had two ideas, and have completed the first one. The second is in the works.

Idea #1:

Comic Sans Blue Beanie Day Poster

As an aside – for those of you who don’t know, Blue Beanie Day is about web standards awareness, and is promoted by Jeffrey Zeldman (known for his blue beanie! Amongst other things).

I’d decided early on that I wanted to try and use the font to create the hat – I used a capital D and a lowercase l. Sometimes type lends itself really well to be used completely differently and Comic Sans is an excellent example. Its irregularities create a pretty convincing hat. I could have drawn around a photograph for all anyone knows there.

The brown patterned background seemed to work best to make the blue stick out. I used a fabric pattern because beanies are lovely soft fabric. The brown colour I took from some brown paper I scanned.

I think the typography at the bottom works fine with the quirky idea of using Zeldman’s hat to promote web standards. You may disagree. Because it’s small and unobtrusive I think it fits and kind of reminds me of the threads which make up the hat.

As it was designed as an A4 poster, it doesn’t translate perfectly for screen. I designed it for print spec so I could use it here, print it properly to use in my work.

I thought about a target audience for this, and figured it needed to be something that looked quite cool in a web design studio. I have loads of stuff on my wall at work. Primarily web designers are going to hear about BBD via Twitter etc not out in the print world. Therefore it’s just something cool for the wall!

I will update this post with my second idea and my pick of the challenge entries!