Comic Sans is a font with a well known stigma, and yet it gets used everywhere – sometimes even by professional designers.

As part of my project, and out of my own curiosity, I’ve decided to document Comic Sans.

I hope to see if there’s a trend with how it gets used and if it matches the feel of the font. Inappropriate use will also be interesting to find.

Ultimately I want to see why something so hated gets used so frequently. Personally, I feel it’s probably down to it’s accessibility, but it will be interesting to see what trends do emerge.

I will be uploading my photos to this flickr set, complete with analysis. Here’s an example of what I’ve found so far:

Wodent Wheel - Comic Sans

We recently bought one of these for Pooham. Lo and behold, Comic Sans! It's even used on the supplier's website. We still bought one because it is the most widely recommended wheel for hamsters (and other rodents) - and he does love it. I assume the Comic Sans choice is to give a cutesy, friendly feel and you often see it used throughout the small animal online community. Perhaps it is the only widespread font which can really convey the "cuteness" associated with small animals.