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My Cobbler’s Shoes — Launching a Portfolio Site

I wouldn’t do this for any other project and it’s making me itchy that it’s not my idea of perfect, BUT I finally have a portfolio website. I suspect if I wasn’t about to attend a few web/design events I still wouldn’t have one. I have had a serious case of cobbler’s shoes. For the […]

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The Trouble with Designing for Yourself

…aka why are you using the default WordPress theme? The Problem I have not had a live portfolio since 2008. That’s four years. What I did have was the one I had to do as part of my final university projects. I had a job right out of uni, and my skills improved quickly as […]

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Future of Web Design 2007

[This is a repost from my older, defunct blog] This Wednesday Ed and I attended the Future of Web Design conference in Kensington, Londinium. I’d never been to anything like this before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I found the experience really enjoyable, it was really interesting to be with so many people interested in […]

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