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Mini Review: Just Enough Research

Erika Hall takes us through a few research methods for our web projects. She offers sound advice for working with clients, and offers suggestions for when large scale research isn’t possible. The book includes questionnaires, and processes we can follow on our own projects. Just Enough Research is another great addition to any web designer’s library. […]

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Inspirational People from 2013

Inspiration is everywhere, but never more so than in people. Last year there were a few people whose work and attitudes stood out to me. If you want to find out about some cool people and their work, read on.

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Whoever said we have “nothing to fear but fear itself” was on to something. I know there are other scary things out there, but in regular day to day life it is ultimately fear which prevents us getting anywhere.

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Escaping the Comfort Zone: My Master’s Degree

I’m reading Ian Wharton’s “Spark for the Fire” and some of it was feeling familiar. I thought I’d write about why I chose to design a typeface for my Master’s project. People were surprised. I’m a web designer, not a type designer. I have no desire to enter the world of type design. So why […]

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Playing with the Menu

I fixed/changed a couple of things on here today. One I hadn’t noticed and one had been bugging me for a while. I have a much bigger list as I want to overhaul the code and make some design changes, but until I do my big re-launch, little things will suffice! Plus doing stuff to […]

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Moleskine Notebook Love

Customised Moleskine notebook

I love Moleskine notebooks. This is probably not a surprise. They’re a stereotypical designer’s tool, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking well made, beautiful things.

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The Trouble with Designing for Yourself

…aka why are you using the default WordPress theme? The Problem I have not had a live portfolio since 2008. That’s four years. What I did have was the one I had to do as part of my final university projects. I had a job right out of uni, and my skills improved quickly as […]

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Communicating Without Words – Up and John Lewis

The opening sequence to Pixar’s Up was incredibly powerful and beautifully mastered. It details the lives of the main character and his wife, from when they meet until she dies. It meanders through the ups and downs of their lives, and ultimately reinforces the film’s key theme – they were trying to go on an […]

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My Research Question

Yesterday we had to talk about where we were up to with our research questions. Here are my garbled notes which I intend to shoe-horn into a presentation with full backing of well researched references.

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