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Escaping the Comfort Zone: My Master’s Degree

I’m reading Ian Wharton’s “Spark for the Fire” and some of it was feeling familiar. I thought I’d write about why I chose to design a typeface for my Master’s project. People were surprised. I’m a web designer, not a type designer. I have no desire to enter the world of type design. So why […]

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NB: This isn’t going to be a breakdown of BEM, just a few links to a few resources and a runaway thought-train. I’ve tended to be quite organic with my CSS over the years, modifying it as I learn new things. Really the only rules were use a reset/base, alphabetise properties and don’t use !importants. […]

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Playing with the Menu

I fixed/changed a couple of things on here today. One I hadn’t noticed and one had been bugging me for a while. I have a much bigger list as I want to overhaul the code and make some design changes, but until I do my big re-launch, little things will suffice! Plus doing stuff to […]

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Moleskine Notebook Love

Customised Moleskine notebook

I love Moleskine notebooks. This is probably not a surprise. They’re a stereotypical designer’s tool, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking well made, beautiful things.

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Flash Button Recreated in CSS

Shortly before I left 3wise, I began work on converting Flash animations to CSS. Due to project constraints I only finished one myself. I’m sharing it in case it helps anyone. The CSS isn’t perfect, but there’s stuff in there you can pick apart for your own use.

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Mwah! Creating a Vector Lipstick Mark from a Photograph

Vector Lips

This is a quick explanation of how to turn a photograph into a vector. When used in the right context, creating things “off computer” and working them into a design can work really well. It can also add more uniqueness to your work as you’re not relying on stock libraries for your resources.

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The Trouble with Designing for Yourself

…aka why are you using the default WordPress theme? The Problem I have not had a live portfolio since 2008. That’s four years. What I did have was the one I had to do as part of my final university projects. I had a job right out of uni, and my skills improved quickly as […]

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MA Update

Due to the nature of working full time and doing a full time masters I haven’t been able to keep this blog up to date. I would have loved to have had a running commentary while I worked on my project, but it just didn’t happen and that’s the way it was meant to be. […]

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