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CSS Tips: Letter Spacing

I recently had a project that required some specific tuning to the tracking of the text – particularly with the headings and on display text. Browsers have come a long way in their capabilities, and now we have the letter-spacing property. This controls the tracking of the letters and allows you to get extra creative with […]

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NB: This isn’t going to be a breakdown of BEM, just a few links to a few resources and a runaway thought-train. I’ve tended to be quite organic with my CSS over the years, modifying it as I learn new things. Really the only rules were use a reset/base, alphabetise properties and don’t use !importants. […]

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Flash Button Recreated in CSS

Shortly before I left 3wise, I began work on converting Flash animations to CSS. Due to project constraints I only finished one myself. I’m sharing it in case it helps anyone. The CSS isn’t perfect, but there’s stuff in there you can pick apart for your own use.

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Microsoft and IE8: Compliance Mode?

I’ve been testing a lot of our sites in IE8 the past couple of days. Today I noticed that the little broken page icon that appears next to the address bar was missing from the IE8 welcome page. Now I found this to be curious as as far as I’m aware (I could be wrong […]

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