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Inspirational Things on a Tuesday

Events Reasons To Today is the last day to get the early bird tickets. Reasons is a fab conference, bursting with inspiration and wonderful people. Don’t miss out! Hustlemania I think there are still a couple of tickets left – this Friday JamFactory and Signalnoise go head to head in an inspiration-a-thon, at the Bristol Planetarium […]

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CSS Tips: Letter Spacing

I recently had a project that required some specific tuning to the tracking of the text – particularly with the headings and on display text. Browsers have come a long way in their capabilities, and now we have the letter-spacing property. This controls the tracking of the letters and allows you to get extra creative with […]

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Mini Review: Just Enough Research

Erika Hall takes us through a few research methods for our web projects. She offers sound advice for working with clients, and offers suggestions for when large scale research isn’t possible. The book includes questionnaires, and processes we can follow on our own projects. Just Enough Research is another great addition to any web designer’s library. […]

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Mini Review: On Web Typography

Santa Maria covers topics such as choosing the right typeface, pairing, and responsive design in an engaging and informative way. The book includes an in depth set of resources for further investigation, and an interesting discussion of problems with vertical rhythm on the web. A concise overview, On Web Typography is a handy addition to […]

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WIP: My Sister as a Disney Illustration

Practising Illustration Iteration 5—Real to Cartoon

I became fascinated recently by how some artists/illustrators are able to create characters based on real people. I wanted to understand what it was they took from the real person that made the character recognisable. I began a little illustration project that I am plugging away at as and when I have the time.

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Spark for the Fire Video Review

Spark for the Fire on fire

Spark for the Fire is an excellent little book. It’s one that gives you permission to dare to do all the things you think about doing. It celebrates curiosity, the ridiculous, imagination, and play. It has anecdotes and ideas from lots of different kinds of people. Spark is perfect if you’re feeling a little burnt […]

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Inspirational People from 2013

Inspiration is everywhere, but never more so than in people. Last year there were a few people whose work and attitudes stood out to me. If you want to find out about some cool people and their work, read on.

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