Business & Marketing

A little about me

I’m Jaz, freelance designer based in leafy Surrey. I thrive on making beautiful things and hunting knowledge. You can usually find me creating something in whatever medium has struck my fancy that day, or with my nose stuck in a book.

One of the things I love to make is websites. I’ve been designing and building websites since the year 2000. My interest in graphic design started earlier, thanks to years spent making things in MS Paint and Word Perfect. The combination of the logical computer and the chaos of creativity sparked a fire that’s still burning to this day.

My first website was a Geocities page showcasing my cats from the PC game Catz 2. For some reason it was very important the world know of my wonderful cat creations! From there I made sure to document my opinion on every episode of Buffy in great detail. Thank goodness the links to those old sites are long lost…

It was all this that enabled me to decide on a career path pretty early. I built on my self-taught skills by getting a BA in Design for Interactive Media, and later returning to uni to get an MA in Graphic Design.

I worked at an online marketing agency for seven years as their web designer before going freelance. I’ve been freelance since August 2013, over eight years now. Going freelance and having my own business was always one of my big life goals. I was fortunate that the bits and pieces I’d been doing on the side enabled me to transition to full time freelance.

I’m grateful that I found a career that allows for such a variety of projects and avenues for creativity. Being freelance brings me so much joy because I get to work closely with my clients and really see the difference I make to their businesses.

I’m keen to work with other educators, makers, and causes, as well as producing design work of my own, and those are my key goals for the business this year.

Some random facts about me

  • I shaved my head at the start of the pandemic so that I could use my hair growth as a measure of time passing
  • I’ve seen Muse live 28 times, and can’t wait for their next tour
  • My favourite books are Little Women, Watership Down, and The Stand
  • Jaz is short for Jazmin.