There’s no doubt in my mind that 2013 was an incredible year for me. It has now been 6 months since I left my job, and things are still going great. I wanted to share with you some of the things that happened since I have gone rogue!

Conferences & Events 2013

I went to quite a few, and enjoyed every single one! It’s great to meet new people, and learn so much.

Creative Reset

I was inundated with work upon leaving my job, so September wasn’t quite the month off I had planned. It is incredible how time disappears as well, I remember wondering how I had time for a full time job.

That said, I did some awesome stuff that month and thoroughly enjoyed it. I needed the break, and it was fantastic to round it off with a trip to Cornwall to see castles and eat ice cream!

Going Freelance

I had already been doing work on the side before leaving my job, so the transition wasn’t too hard. I have a 6 month plan in action for the business so watch this space! I enjoy working closer with clients, and being freelance has afforded freedoms I wouldn’t have with a job. I do tire of the admin and sales sides of things though.

Whilst I’m not actively looking for another job right now, I am still open to opportunities. I’m excited about going back into a team environment sometime this year.

At the moment I’m happy and feel lucky to be doing what I’m doing!

How’s business?

Good, very good. Word of mouth seems to be working it’s magic and I haven’t had any trouble finding work. I’ve worked on some interesting projects for a wide range of clients. Unfortunately I can’t share all the work with you, but my fabulous clients include:

  • graphic designers
  • marketing companies
  • building companies
  • print companies
  • golf courses
  • banks
  • dating communities
  • and many more

What’s next?

More work. More side projects. More random visits to art galleries and other things.

6 Month Plan

I liked Brian Casel’s “Cascading to do list”. I’ve got things set up in Trello, a two week calendar and am using Clear to make sure I’m keeping it moving! So far so good.

Side Projects

There’s lots of things going on behind the scenes. They include:

  • Exploring my MA project
  • Working on some lunar illustrations
  • Experimenting with CSS and my hair
  • Doing a still life art project
  • Teaching myself piano

I know that last one’s not about design, but it’s amazing how much anything and everything can influence your work!

The only side project that is currently public is Jazhans. My designer friend Hannah and I spend time each week (or as often as possible) doing creative things or going on field trips. We’ve just booked a big field trip which we are both excited about!


I did a heck of a lot last year, you can read all about it if you so wish!


Thanks for being clients, for reading this, for whoever you are! Happy Valentines day, I love you all!