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Portfolio: Updated Branding & Materials for Software Company

Target OFS / Meera Tech- nologies

Early 2015

Meera Technologies (formerly Fuse IM) provide software to oil companies.

We undertook a brief earlier this year to update and bring the branding of two companies together. We also produced the websites via customising a pre-built theme, and collateral in time for a big conference/event.

Meera’s software produces a lot of interesting imagery (the graphs are quite stunning), but none of it can be used in collateral as it’s client data. This was an interesting challenge, and we ended up using creative commons licensed imagery, particularly from NASA as the beautiful backdrop for their very technical, often quite dry subject that they were trying to market. None of the other companies had gone this route, so their clean new branding, and lack of pictures of well towers really stood out.

Collateral included: iconography, style guide, business cards, datasheets, a 2m poster, artwork for a pen, leaflets, Powerpoint presentations, custom graphics and much more.