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An Exploration of Neutrality in Typeface Design

September 2010 - September 2011 | MA project, typeface design, design theory, design writing

So, what are you trying to say? Proposal cover

MA Graphic Design Major Project


Discover a question of your own and attempt to answer it by producing a design artefact.

As part of the initial brief, we had to produce a proposal detailing our question and the research we intended to carry out. The nature of the project did change slightly due to the length of the project. Download Proposal – 571KB PDF

My Question

What is currently perceived to be a ‘neutral’ typeface? What are the key qualities of those typefaces and what about them influences the neutral perception? Is it possible for there to be a truly neutral typeface?

To evidence our projects, we had to produce a report detailing what we had done and evidencing the answer to our question. Download Report [549KB PDF]

My Typeface

Newtral is a working prototype produced for this project.

From the sample poster:

Newtral is a font where the letters and words are in complete harmony. It is easy to read, and retains a contemporary familiarity. Newtral allows the words to speak louder than the form and is usable in many contexts. Newtral is modern, but still retains human qualities making it the perfect solution for any subject.

Download poster [312KB PDF]