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Drawar Comic Sans Challenge

Drawar were looking for challenge themes (one for every day of December). My curiosity about Comic Sans overriding all else at the moment led me to suggest none other than Comic Sans. Scrivs took this idea and created a brief.

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Experience Design – Nathan Shedroff

These are notes taken whilst I was thinking about how important the physicality of something can be. I remembered Shedroff’s book from my BA and whilst I knew it wasn’t necessarily along the right vein, I hoped there would be some ideas about why the experience in itself was important.

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Questionnaire Research

I’m designing a questionnaire to test some ideas for my proposal. In order to carry it out effectively I’ve briefly looked into existing methods used, psychology and considered how best to approach the respondent.

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The BBC and Comic Sans

It’s safe to say that most designers know that Comic Sans is a no-no except in extremely relevant circumstances (and according to this article, it works well for dyslexic children). […]

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